The Shadow Of The Rootless Tree 

Chapter I. The Difference Between Understanding And Enlightenment
We should not study Buddha's teachings like a lecture
The universe is neither born nor perishes
All the 'problems' were not really 'problems'
Doubting is the first step to 'awakening'
The dirt named 'common sense'
There is no single truth to know outside your 'mind'
Those who believe as well as who do not believe cannot attain 'awakening'
This 'mind on the move' is 'the quiet mind'as it is
Chapter II. What’s Happening Now?
In the beginning what existed at all?
In a space without 'beginning' nor 'end'
Half-full, yet full all the time
There is no 'maker' or 'taker'
Not that fire burns the hay...
What's this?
There is nothing that comes into being by itself
Mediocrities and saints live together; dragons and snakes mingled together
Chapter III. Everything Turns To Spots Of Light
On 'correct way to cultivate'
'Mind' and 'outside world' are empty and unaware of each other
There is neither 'direction' nor 'location' in 'emptiness'
Everything turns to stains of light...
In the universe there is nothing <that stands absolutely still>
That 'clever mind' is the most harmful to our search
There is no truth in front of our eyes
'To see things as they are' means 'to see them as phantoms'
Chapter IV. Everything Is Like A Rootless Tree
Don’t wait for your ‘mind’ to get you the enlightenment
All the ‘words’ are like wind blowing through branches of the rootless trees
‘Words’ are the talks about ‘an experience’, not ‘the experience’ itself
Why does any ‘number’ multiplied by ‘zero’ produce ‘zero’?
‘Differentiation without difference’ gives the ‘momentum’
A Position without width, length and height?
Chapter V. The Greatest Mercy Is Achieved Without Movement
Our mind does not learn by guessing and reasoning
What a pity there is no living soul on the scene of intense living
‘What exists’ and ‘what takes place’ are not two different things
Nothing lasts forever
Though there are births and deaths, they do not actually happen
Without substance, there is no space
The ‘absolute speed’ of 300,000 km/sec is no different from ‘stillness’
Chapter VI. Realization Is Not Necessarily Preceded By Confusion
Those in search of happiness do not really know what it is
There is really nothing that the sage master can teach us
With the right enlightening, you will remain constant after it takes place
The fruit of Buddhahood (Buddhaphala) of One-Vehicle not dependent on ‘result from past deeds’
Neither ‘diligent seekers’ nor ‘lazy ones’ can reach enlightenment
One’s own ignorance in itself is ‘Buddha’
Chapter VII. There Is No God Or Buddha Outside Of Your ‘Mind’
Your ‘mind’ itself is ‘God’, ‘Buddha’ and everything
Prohibiting of Idol worship is the original intention of Buddha
Buddhist service is about preserving ‘nature’ and governing ‘self-ignorance’
Buddhist invocation is about looking back on ‘mind’ and keeping the perspective of enlightenment bright
Looking after your body and mind with wisdom is what ‘circling around stupa’ is about
‘Perfect state of mind’ means <knowing without thinking>
What you sense through your eyes and ears are just fantasies
The reason we shouldn’t respect Buddha or Bodhisattva